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Museum display cases

To draw more attention to your artwork or product, or to better protect it, you may want to add an acrylic cube or a glass hood to your display. We call this a display case or a protective hood/cover.

We offer a number of options: an acrylic hood or a glass display case, possibly with a door or a drawer, a display case with integrated LEDs and a door or a round display case. Thanks to the UV-gluing method that we use, the bonds/seamwork of our display cases are super strong and very clear.

If you are looking for a lightweight and completely transparent material, a Plexiglas / acrylic display case is your perfect option. If you go for a more luxury look and require a scratch-resistant material, then a glass display case would be the best choice for your purposes.

If you order both a plinth and a display case from us, we will attach a complimentary top plate of the same colour to the plinth. The hood fits exactly over this top plate, which protects the display and allows the display case to stay in its place if accidentally pushed.

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Would you like to present your product, artwork, plant, lamp or other accessory in a beautiful way? Buy a glass display case or an acrylic display case to complete your display stand. Display cases give your product the luxurious look and the protection it deserves.

Why buy a glass display case?

Museums throughout Europe use our glass display cases, but exhibition organizers, retail shops that sell everything - luxury watches, jewellery, shoes, bags, but also  books know very well where to find Solits. A glass display case helps you to present your product so much more professionally! You can also combine glass display cases and acrylic display cases with a beautiful plinth and/or an atmospheric LED lighting.

What does a display case do?

Among other things, a display case protects your item from dust. Our showcases are quite dust-tight. It is a very useful feature if you want to present and protect valuable or delicate items. If the dust cover is not used separately, but has to be mounted on a plinth, we make it in exactly the same size as the plinth below it, so that the display case is sealed against air and dust particles quite well.

What is the difference between an acrylic display case and a glass display case?

Acrylic display case

Acryl is 25 times stronger than glass and transmits about 90% light, considerably more than glass. In addition, acryl weighs less than glass, and it is less expensive, too. We can easily produce different shapes and colors of display cases and plinths, and this material can easily be glued. If you want a light material, coloured glass or need a special size for your display case, acryl is the perfect choice to make.

Glass display case

Glass display cases are clearer than acrylic display cases, which creates better translucency and enables you can see through it better. In addition, glass display cases are not sensitive to UV radiation and weigh more, making them more stable thanacrylic display cases. Glass display cases are also less likely to get damaged and are more heat-resistant. If you want to protect valuable items, want a scratch-resistant display case or have to deal with changing or extremely high temperatures, glass is the perfect material for your display case.

We use recyclable acryl

We make all our acrylic display cases from recycled acryl. With all the good properties of standard acryl including clarity, but it is 100% recyclable at the same time.

Always a unique glass display case

What makes our showcases extra special is the UV-glued glass. The way in which we glue our glass display cases ensures an invisible connection between various glass components and a perfect finish of the seams. As a result, our glass display cases appear to be one seamless showcase, so that all the attention is focused on the product inside the glass display case, not the glass display case itself.

Buy a glass display case?

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