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Plinths wood

Are you looking for a warm, natural look in your home, at your exhibition stand or in your shop? In this case, our wooden pedestals would make an excellent choice.

Our oak plinth with its rustic appearance is often chosen by customers who are looking for a natural product. Our solid oak plinths are made of European oak and have a sturdy, robust appearance. You can see knots, cracks and annual rings in these oak columns: a truly natural product!

Do you want a plinth in a very specific size/shape or a sleeker look than the slightly rough solid oak column? An oak veneer plinth would then be the best choice. You can order this plinth finished with a clear varnish or spray-painted black. The oak veneer plinth can also be combined with a display case and LED lighting to put your products in the spotlight and protect them.

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Our wooden plinths are wonderful for displaying a plant, artwork, lamp or other accessory. Trust us on this one – the look of an entire room or a garden will get an immediate upgrade with a wooden plinth.

Wooden plinth

A wooden plinth looks great in any stylish interior. A wooden plinth visually enlarges  the space  and makes it easier to give your plant or your artwork a nice and prominent spot within your interior.

Indoor wooden plinth

Our solid oak plinth with its rustic appearance is often chosen by customers who are looking for a natural product. The oak plinths are made of European oak and have a solid, robust appearance. You can see all the knots and cracks embedded into the texture of these oak plinths. It truly is a real natural product.

Outdoor wooden plinth

The great thing about wooden plinths is that they can also be placed outside. In a garden, on a terrace or at the entrance of a shop, a restaurant, a hotel or a museum, they will definitely give your entrance a modern and chic look.

Oak veneer plinth

Would you like a plinth that has a smoother look than a slightly rough solid oak plinth? Oak veneer plinth is an excellent choice then. It can be finished with a layer of clear varnish  or spray-painted in black. Oak veneer plinth can also be combined with a display case and lighting to put your products in the spotlight or to protect them.

Wooden plant display stand

A plinth is also called a display stand or a plant display stand. It looks great in any interior. A black plant display stand creates space and makes it easier to give your plant a nice and prominent spot within your space. We find it to be a beautiful concept - place a natural product (plant) on a natural product (wooden plinth). It is currently a trend to use wooden plinths as plant display stands.

Wooden display plinths for statues

In addition to plants, a wooden plinth is ideally suitable for placing statues on it. Whether they are small, large, lightweight or heavy - with the help of a wooden plinth, you literally put a sculpture on a pedestal. It cannot go unnoticed then.

Bespoke wooden plinth

Are you looking for a wooden plinth of a size that you do not see in our web shop? Thanks to our in-house production workshop, we can also make bespoke wooden plinths. Please, read this blog to see which size of a plinth would fit perfectly in your home or garden.

Buy a wooden plinth?

View our range of wooden plinths for indoor and outdoor use below or visit our showroom in London or Bristol.

Frequently asked questions about our wooden plinths

Which wooden plinths does Solits sell?

At Solits you have a wide choice of wooden plinths. Do you want a white, black, or colored plinth made of wood? Then take a look at our range of plinths in white | black | colour. These are made of MDF and finished in the desired color. There are also wooden plinths made of MDF with a concrete or stone look finish.

When we think of wood, we quickly think of solid wood. This is the reason why we have oak wood plinths in our basic range. If you prefer a lighter material that has a wooden look, look at the plinths made of oak veneer. Today, our customers often ask for black wood; black and warm are the current trend. If you find this trend appealing, we would like to refer you to our black oak veneer plinth.

Is there a warranty on the products I am buying?

We have a standard warranty of 6 months on all our products. However, in practice, we like to strive for the best quality. If products clearly show defects outside the warranty period, we will deliver a replacement product in most cases. The warranty often applies without prejudice to the legal rights regarding warranty and conformity that the private customer can always invoke.

What kind of wood do you use for making wooden plinths and pedestals?

The wood we use differs per product.

We use European oak for our solid oak plinths. It goes without saying that it is important that this wood is carefully sourced. This is why we work with wood that bears the PEFC quality mark. For more information, please refer to the PEFC website.

For our white | color | black | oak veneer | black oak veneer | plinths in concrete look, we work with MDF, giving each product its own finish.

What is the lead time of a product?

The lead time of a product is stated on our website right under the article name. All delivery times are quoted in working days. 1-3 means that when you order the relevant item, you will receive it within 1 to 3 working days.

What is the difference between a solid oak plinth and an oak veneer plinth?

We often get this question! A solid oak plinth is much heavier than a (hollow) oak veneer plinth. The advantage of a heavy plinth is that it stands firmly and can carry a lot more weight. The advantage of a plinth made of plate material (the oak veneer plinth) is that it is lighter in weight and therefore easier to move.

The appearance is also different. The solid oak plinth has a more natural, robust appearance. The wood of the solid oak plinth is still alive and in motion; natural cracks are still being formed. The oak veneer plinth does have the same natural wooden pattern as solid oak. Since it is made of sheet material, there are no cracks or color differences though.

Another pronounced difference is that a solid oak plinth is often chosen to stand outdoors, for example, to display an outdoor pot or a garden statue. Oak veneer plinth is only suitable for indoor use.