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Garden plinths / outdoor plinths

Below you will find a selection of plinths that are also suitable for use outdoors. They can withstand a variety of adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, and lower temperatures.

If you prefer to have a robust, natural wooden look, a solid oak plinth will be an excellent option. A pedestal made of polished, soft-finished, or sanded Belgian bluestone is another choice - stylish, sustainable, and capable of carrying a lot of weight.

We are also able to make acrylic pedestals for outdoor use. You can choose both the colour (white or black) and the finish (matt or glossy). You will find this type of plinth under the category “Solits White Outdoor Plinth”. We often hear from our customers that by placing our pedestal in their garden, they experienced an unexpected upgrade of their entire outdoor area.

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Do you want to display plants, statues or lamps in your private garden, office garden, terrace or catering terrace in the best way possible? In addition to our indoor plinths, we also supply a wide range of plinths and pedestals for outdoor use. Outdoor plinths make plants, statues and accessories stand out more and are a real eye-catcher in your front or back garden. Trust us on this one – the look of an entire terrace or a garden will get an immediate upgrade with an outdoor plinth.

Outdoor wooden plant display stand

A wooden plinth is also called a wooden display stand or a wooden plant display stand. It looks great in your front garden or backyard. A wooden plant display stand creates space and makes it easier to give your plant a nice and prominent spot within your space.

Outdoor plinths

People often ask us if outdoor plinths deteriorate quickly because they are always exposed to elements. The answer to that is simple: no, they don’t. The big advantage of outdoor display plinths is that they can withstand all kinds of weather. They remain beautiful and retain their quality at all times. Whether they are made of wood, stone or acryl, purchasing an outdoor pedestal is a sustainable investment into your garden or terrace.

Outdoor wooden plinth

How do you know which plinth material to choose for your garden? What would look good in your garden? And what goes well with the item you want to place on the plinth? We are happy to help you with that. You can choose a solid oak plinth to present a natural product, such as a plant, on. A wooden plinth would bring your item out even more.

Outdoor stone plinth

To give your artwork or product a stylish and sustainable appearance, choose a plinth made of Belgian bluestone, with a polished, matt brushed or sanded finish.

Acrylic outdoor plinth

Solits is now also making acrylic plinths for outdoor use, white, black, matte or high gloss. A suitable plinth for every outdoor area and every item. You can also read our blog about which plinth material to choose for more tips and inspiration.

Outdoor plinth for statues

In addition to plants, an outdoor plinth is ideally suitable for placing statues on it. Whether they are small, large, lightweight or heavy - with the help of a wooden plinth, you literally put a sculpture on a pedestal. It cannot go unnoticed then.

Buy an outdoor plinth

Are you looking to buy a plinth for the outside? We have a large number of dimensions available from stock, but thanks to our own workshop we can also make bespoke plinths of any shape and any material you have in mind. Please, read the blog about choosing the size of your plinth to help you choose the perfect size plinth for your garden.

Curious about our products?

View our full range of plinths for outdoor use above or visit one of our showrooms.

Frequently asked questions about our outdoor plinths

Which material is suitable for an outdoor plinth?

We have a special type of acryl (white or black) in our range, which is excellent for making outdoor plinths. We also have a number of natural stone types in our range for outdoor use. You can view the properties of a product by choosing one of the standard sizes of this product on our website. This includes information about the suitability for outdoor use for a specific plinth.

I have a work of art that I would like to have placed on a plinth. Can you also take care of this for me and how does this work?

We do not provide installation services per se. We can help by drilling holes in the surface of the plinth or installing a metallic rod for mounting a sculpture, but the actual mounting would need to be done by you or a third party.

I would like to have one or more holes made in my plinth. Can you also take care of this for me?

We can easily make holes in a plinth, regardless of the material chosen. We need to receive the exact measurements and the position of the holes from you. Different prices apply per plinth because different techniques are required for each material. Ask us about the possibilities when ordering your plinth.