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Buy a display plinth and a display case of the finest quality. Solits also makes bespoke plinths and display cases, made-to-order for you

Top quality display plinths, arth plinths, museum display cases, glass display cases and more!

A display plinth, a wooden plinth, a garden plinth, a metal plinth, an acrylic box, a museum display case all seem rather simple. Yet, having 20 years of experience behind us now, we continue to increase our quality and expertise to enable our customers to buy a art plinth or a museum display case exactly as they want it. For example, our wooden plinths are manufactured with mitred corners and glued with industrial glue, with no seams visible.

Our black plinth and white plinth made of MDF are all-times classic of the highest quality as far as display plinth quality standards are concerned. You can add urban chic to your display with our concrete plinth, which is best called concrete look plinth. Stylish and light-weight, this display plinth will provide the concrete visual without being enormously heavy. Our solid oak plinths are only cut in a right angle after completing a drying process. As the next step, oak plinths are shaved and sanded, making them into display plinths for your house or your business.

Our acrylic plinths are mitred on the sides with the museum-quality top plate. Looking seamless and fully transparent, they will make your display appear to float in the air. Our garden plinths aka outdoor plinths offer you a variety of options, from oak plinths, black plinths and standard white plinths to entirely bespoke solutions like a stone plinth or a metal plinth. Garden plinths can be made to measure using the material of your choice, or ordered directly on the website from our stock (outdoor black plinth,outdoor white plinth, oak plinth).

Are you searching for a display case? We offer museum display cases, acrylic display cases (aka Perspex display cases), glass display cases, glass display cases with a door with many variations of sizes, material and other extra options. We are happy to make highest quality acrylic boxes for every occasion you might need them for, we have all kind of plinths for sale!

You want to buy a display plinth, art plinth or museum display case? We have an extensive range of products

We make presentation plinths, exhibition plinths, fairs, art displays or interior design plinths to put in your home or business, for every situation we offer a suitable display plinth. We offer acrylic plinths, wooden plinths, ultra light cardboard, black plinths, all kinds of display plinths. On our website you can find our standard art plinths, but many clients specify their unique requirements: for instance, a business once ordered a plinth to be used as a letterbox for a competition, and museums often order sword cases for display and acrylic boxes to protect antique items, sometimes as entire wall display cases. You can explore a variety of our projects here

Plinths Plus

Our clients continue to partner with us for display plinths with a range of features. A acrylic display case and LED lighting will guarantee that your products will receive extra attention in the spotlight at an exhibition or in a jewellery shop. The cabinet plinth ensures that your space will be efficiently used, for instance for storing valuable objects or extra promotional materials.

You can order a turntable plinth with an integrated rotating platform in the middle to show your product from all sides and angles, or a LED cube display plinth to feature your unique brand experience and tell the customer the story behind it.

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