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This Solits pedestal provides you with an immaculate base to display your product.

Our plinths are known for their perfect finish. They are hollow, making them easy to move, but strong enough to carry a weight of at least 100 kg. Solits plinths are ideal as base display solutions, which you can customize and fine-tune by adding LED lighting, battery, branding, turntable or display cases.

The white matt plinth and matt black plinth are the most popular products with our customers. These pedestals are beautifully simple and do not detract from the product, placing it in the very centre of the public’s attention.

Undoubtedly, every interior is unique and requires its own unique style/feature. Are you after a chic, luxurious look? In that case, choose a white high-gloss column or a black high-gloss plinth. Do you want to have a natural stone or concrete look as part of your interior decoration? A pedestal or a display plinth made of stone look or concrete look MDF is highly recommended. Are you looking for black pedestals with a natural, warm appearance? In that case, Solits black oak veneer plinths are a very good choice, as they fit the current trend perfectly.

We have a large number of stock sizes available, but we can also custom-make any desired size for you.

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Product specifications

    A plinth, a pillar, a column, a stand, a pedestal or a base, it all sounds like such a simple product. Nonetheless, even after almost 15 years of experience, we continue to optimize our quality and expand our range every single day, because in addition to display plinths, we also offer display cases, lighting and other accessories. And, display plinths we manufacture range so widely in complexity, materials, purpose of use etc. We can make plinths of almost any size, shape and of any desired material, because we have our own workshop. Pedestals to display shoes, plinths to showcase a work of art, retail stands, pillars to place flower arrangements on or columns for a photo shoot… We make display plinths and display cases to place your product on a pedestal!

Frequently asked questions about plinths in white, black or other colour

What material is your Solits white plinth made of?

We have two kinds of white indoor plinths in our basic range. A high-gloss white plinth and a white matt plinth. Both are made of MDF with a white HPL (high-pressure laminate) layer. The colour of our white plinths is equivalent to RAL 9016.

What is the lead time of a product?

The lead time of a product is stated on our website right under the article name. All delivery times are quoted in working days. 1-3 means that when you order the relevant item, you will receive it within 1 to 3 working days.

What material is your Solits black plinth made of?

We have several types of black indoor plinths in our range:

- a high-gloss black plinth and a black matt plinth. Both are made of MDF with a black HPL (high-pressure laminate) layer. The color of the black column is equivalent to RAL 9005.

- a stone-look plinth. Very dark anthracite grey, almost black look. This is made of MDF with a stone look finish.  We treat these plinths with a layer of oil that makes them look like a Belgian bluestone plinths from a distance. Without oil, it is greyish in color. 

- a black oak veneer plinth. To keep up with the current trend, we also introduced black oak veneer plinths into our range. These are made of oak veneer and then sprayed with water-based paint, colour RAL 9005. We offer several other options in black as well: black cardboard plinths, black acrylic plinths (also suitable for outdoors), and black natural stone plinths such as black granite (also suitable for outdoors).

What weight can a plinth carry?

The weight you can place on a plinth depends entirely on the material of the plinth and the shape of the object you want to place on it. We usually state the carrying weight of the relevant material under the product specifications. If desired, we can reinforce many of our different models for you if the object you want to place on it requires this.

Is there a warranty on the products I am buying?

We have a standard warranty of 6 months on all our products. However, in practice, we like to strive for the best quality. If products clearly show defects outside the warranty period, we will deliver a replacement product in most cases. The warranty often applies without prejudice to the legal rights regarding warranty and conformity that the private customer can always invoke.